Optimize your conversion rates

Dead simple & privacy-friendly website A/B testing for developers

Built for small businesses & indiepreneurs

Ditch the enterprise solutions

There are some great A/B testing solutions out there... if you're a large enterprise. For the rest of us, they are overkill and expensive.


Meet Splitzy - your dead simple A/B testing and conversion rate optimizing tool.


Optimize everything

Unleash the full potential of your website by trying out different designs, content variations, and layout modifications.

Decide what experiment you want to run and set it up in just a couple of minutes. Splitzy allows you to create and manage unlimited simultaneous experiments in the most straightforward way. A/B testing doesn't need to be complicated.


Simple API to track all of your conversion rates

It doesn't get much easier than that. Simply install the Splitzy NPM package...

$ npm i @splitzy/web

And get started immediately with a few lines of code.

import { Experiment } from '@splitzy/web';

const experiment = new Experiment(

function Greeting(props) {
    if (experiment.version === 'a') {
        return <h1>Welcome back!</h1>;
    } else {
        return <h1>Welcome to Splitzy!</h1>;

// Track every visit

// Track every conversion

SSR? Splitzy got you covered.

$ npm i @splitzy/server
import { Experiment } from '@splitzy/server';

const experiment = new Experiment(

const splitzyCookie = experiment.init();

// You can now access `experiment.version` on the server

// A splitzy cookie needs to be set on the first init
if (splitzyCookie) {
    return new Response(resBody, {
        headers: { 'set-cookie': splitzyCookie }

See the whole documentation here.


No more guesswork

Gain deep insights into the performance of your experiments in a single glance. There are no layers of menus, complicated UIs, and complex statistical jargon.


Splitzy is easy to understand and it cuts through the noise. You don't need any prior statistics knowledge to understand and evaluate your results.